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Custom Made Custom Order FU CANCER T-Shirts Fundraiser GoFundMe Lauren Crowe Personalized T-Shirts

Excuse the language, but this is exactly how we feel about it.  FU CANCER!

Our friend, Lauren Crowe, lost her fight with cancer on April 17, 2016.  Lauren was only 29 years young.  This disease does not discriminate. 

Lauren was my co-worker and she was just so full of life.  She was such a happy person and always ready for a good party!  Her story is not your typical story.  You see, Lauren had a miracle baby.  His name is Evan and he is just the sweetest little thing.  Lauren found out she was pregnant with Evan and that she had cervical cancer.  Even though she was advised against it by her doctors, Lauren decided she was going to have her baby and fight cancer with all she had!  And fight she did!  

Lauren had a beautiful baby boy and after surgery was cancer.   Unfortunately, Lauren got sick again and found out the cancer had returned. This time, cancer won.

We decided to do a fundraiser at my job before she passed away and made FU CANCER and CANCER SUCKS t-shirts.  These were a big success.  We raised $360, just from co-workers alone.  

We are happy to announce that now until May 31, you can order your own FU CANCER or CANCER SUCKS T-Shirt.  Fifty percent of all proceeds made from the T-Shirt sales will be donated to Lauren's GoFundMe account.  She did not have life insurance and is survived by her loving husband and precious baby boy. 

You can purchase your own FUCANCER or CANCER SUCKS T-shirt by clicking HERE.  You can also click HERE to read Lauren's story on her GoFundMe page.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased a T-Shirt.  We appreciate your support!

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